Black & White Stripe Waves Leather Coffee Cup Cozy

Black & White Stripe Waves Leather Coffee Cup Cozy


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This coffee cup cozy is made with two leathers layered for fun and function.

The fun is the the thin outer cowhide that is printed with black & white wavy lines, and the inner leather is thick black cowhide.

The function is achieved by layering the two leathers into a cozy form that is about 2 3/8" high, and tapers from the top diameter of about 3 1/4" at its top to 2 5/8" at its bottom. This fits about center of most take-out cups (picture shows it on a 12 oz. cup.

The outer is glued and stitched onto the thick cowhide inner for good insulation and form. The inner leather is "butt joint" and both ends are overlapped by one end of the outer leather, and the other end of the outer leather overlaps that and is offset from the butt joint of the inner to minimize bulk while ensuring a very strong seam.

The cozy is kept onto a cup while the glue is drying to ensure the layers conform to the shape. But this cozy is not stiff--it can be flattened a bit to fit into your bag to carry between visits to your favorite beverage haunts.

I have many leather textures & colors & threads available, so can make nearly infinite variety of cozies, and even apply an image to a smooth leather if you prefer something very unique, or multiples to share via silk screening, hand painting, or embossed.

And since I hand cut and construct these, I can make any size to suit your need. Please convo me with any questions.