Just when I think I'm getting tired of making guitar straps, I look at my stock of  leathers again and come up with MORE ideas.  My goal was to have 100 at La Conner Guitar Festival (now only 6 days away), and I think I will easily exceed that. A few dozen will just be the leather--different shades of cowhides, bison & bull hides--but most others with different leathers overlaid or inset, or other techniques...    I also hoped to get them all pictured and listed in my on-line shop before I get to the show. Sorry, that's not likely to happen for most--but I will have at least one photo of each so I can replicate it when it sells.

I was getting bit tired of doing some of the tasks--and a bit was nervous about cutting into my finger AGAIN.  After the second time, I did make my own finger guard. But ideas for more templates & ways to make certain cuts easier, since I don't have a die cutter, everthing is cut by rotary or extacto blade, and each slot and hole individually punched, so yeah, do get a bit tired after working on a dozen or so each day...  but I love making them & of course thrilled when others do, too!