Never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies by...  I have been working hard on preparing guitar straps and other goods and ways to display them on a 4' table for my first real show of the season--La Conner Guitar Festival.  Now only just over a week away!

Have my ferry reservations, place to board my cat (and her snazzy new carrier), and LOTS of guitar straps.  And still working on more, and other small leather items.  For whatever I have out on the table, likely 3 more hiding under the table... and hopefully end of show I don't have anything under the table anymore, and worst/best case, nothing on top of the table, either!

But mind started wandering on how to make my booth look better overall & have more visual appeal--especially for multi-day shows later in the summer & early fall.  Doubt I'll have much changed for Spring Fairy Festival (May 18) & Georgetown Carnival (June 8), but by mid summer I hope to have a new color scheme & set up to help focus on my goods in the booth. 

But also on-line orders helping keep me focused and back on track for preparing for the La Conner Guitar Festival!