BEST.NIP.EVER. new 2024 display

POPCats Seattle!  After some suggestions at GeekCraftExpo last year, and my own findings that my cat toys are always popular--I wanted to add cat-centric shows this year.  I also revamped my packaging and labeling, and per comments from repeat buyers, BEST.NIP.EVER. was launched!    Still the same great catnip source, but new bags and focus is on Japanese fabrics for the cutest cat prints I can find! 

I am also adding more smaller leather goods, and though still very slow about listing in my site/Etsy shop, I will be at many shows throughout the year. And always welcome custom requests.  

In May I'll be at Petpalooza in Auburn, and will have dog themed goods there as well.  General items will be at shows such as: Deep Draft Brewing (Gorst), Ollala Music Festival (Ollala), San Genarro Festival (Seattle), GeekCraftExpo (Seattle), and I hope to add a few more! Please see my "Events" page!!  I also hope a consignment opportunity works out that should be quite exciting for my cat goods!

Of course guitar straps remains my focus for my website/Etsy shop, and I have more leathers & straps in my studio than I actually have listed!  So I need to get to work updating listings so you all have a chance to see them!!