Sunset and Brown Checkered Leather Guitar Strap

Sunset and Brown Checkered Leather Guitar Strap


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This guitar strap is made with a checkered foil imprinted into the firm cowhide leatherand a solid brown thick nappa cowhide. The colors in the checks repeat through shades of green to orange to purple, and is reflective due to its being foil imprinted and the check is also slightly embossed into the leather.

July 2013 update: I'm thrilled to share that SJ Tucker has recently chosen one of these to join the other straps I have made for her, and can be seen with this on one of her guitars during her performances.

The main strap is hand cut to 2 1/2" wide and tapers slightly at either end, and is about 42" long. The joint of the two leathers is glued and stitched, and the checkered leather is cut in a similar curve as the front peg end. Since I have a very limited amount of this unique check and brown nappa, I can only make up to 4 straps like this, so it's nearly a OOAK.

Eleven adjustment slots are cut about every 1", and the 1" wide adjustment strap loops through the chosen slot and is woven through the other slots to provide the desired length and fixes to the back pin on the guitar.

I cut the adjustment strap to about 22", so the overall length can be adjusted from about 48" to 60" between the peg holes. But since I cut these myself, I can easily modify the length or spacing to get the fit that works for you. This leather is just over 0.08" (2mm) thick, and will settle in with use, like all good leather does, but it will not stretch out with use!

The holes for the pegs are punched at 5/16", and a small slit ends with a small hole to prevent tears is added for a "keyhole" effect to make the strap easy to install & remove, and can accommodate most pegs, and remain securely in place.

This design means the strap is only leather, and there is no metal or plastic hardware that could annoy you while you're playing, or your knock into you instrument while it's being moved or stored.

I can also provide leather "laces" if you prefer to tie the strap to the neck of the guitar, rather than using a front peg. If you have a specific peg size you need to fit, please let me know. There is no extra charge for enlarging the peg holes or for the ties when you order the strap, but please note in the order if you want any of those included.

If you have any questions, please convo me!