Braided leather bracelet for holiday or national pride

Braided leather bracelet for holiday or national pride


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This leather bracelet is made of braided red, white & green leathers riveted onto a white leather layered onto a black leather.

The colors are appropriate for many countries, such as: Italy, Hungary, Mexico, Wales, Belarus, Basque, Lebanon... (please, no preference intended or disrespect from the order or content of this incomplete list!).

The colors are also appropriate for the winter holidays!

The braid is composed of 1/4" wide strips, glued and riveted at the ends onto the 1" wide base, as well as in the center to keep the braid from shifting off the base:
Red = bison leather
White = cowhide
Green = cowhide

When flat, the braid gaps up from the base strap, so that it lays flat against it when the strap is closed and worn, but it is not stretched out of shape, and the braid remains consistent.

As the white leather is very soft, I've layered the 1" wide base strip onto a firmer cowhide, which may be black (as shown) or a very dark blue. The base layers are glued and edge stitched together before the braid is riveted in place.

This strap can be sized from 6 1/4" to 9" between snaps, for a fit onto a wrist about 1/2" less than that. In other words, if your wrist measures 6 1/2", the distance between snaps when the strap is flat will be 7".

Please order by the size of the wrist!! If you have any questions, or need a size not listed, please convo me, or make a note on your order.