Leather Wrist Strap - SJ Tucker's Lost Girls Pirate Academy

Leather Wrist Strap - SJ Tucker's Lost Girls Pirate Academy


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Lost Girls Pirate Academy leather wrist straps--or should I say Aaaarrrrm Bands.

Never Grow Up and Never Give In! Show those non-seafairing scurvy scum who your sisters & brothers are! Brandish yourself boldly among the Lost Boys--but only on Saturday nights...
And the Lost Boys who wear this will be saved a thrashing for having joined our crew--such as Alec as shown at Worldcon/Renovation, where the straps made their public debut with the gracious support of SJ Tucker & Tricky Pixie.

The artwork evolved from the guitar strap I made for SJ Tucker and was first put onto "Booty Bags", but after working on my Portal Wrist Straps recently, I felt like I should have been keel-hauled for not doing these earlier!

So now you can wear a little bit of SJ Tucker on your wrist in the form of the LGPA wrist bands.

Aye, matey, be bold and be proud!

The leathers are very soft on the skin, though the black is a stiff leather, it does conform nicely to the wrist and softens with wear. The leather for the artwork with the motto "Never Grow Up - Never Give In" and Croc & shield is trimmed to about 2" wide, and can be printed to accommodate the length for as small as a 6" wrist, and up to fit any Lost Girl or Boy.

I can make these out of many leathers and ink colors--neutrals include black, brown, a brown-black vintage look, and a red & black crackle. Brighter colors available now are dark teal and purple, and very limited are pink and mauve.

Ink colors can be picked for high contrast or more muted look, pending the leather chosen. White stands out well on most leathers, and blue was used on the dark teal and vintage brown straps pictured. Copper ink on dark teal is a nice combination, and something I will picture soon!

Please convo me with any questions, and when you order, please indicated leather & ink colors, and your wrist size. I space the snaps to allow about 1/2" extra room for a comfortable fit. If you want a tighter, or looser fit, please let me know.

Please see www.bansai8creations.com for more information on the design and guitar straps & Booty Bags.

The other strap Alec is wearing is another version of the "We're All Mad Here and It's OK" that I also have listed in my shop with a fancy font and Cheshire Kitten. This strap will be listed separately, too!