Leather & Wool Satchel with Bird Skull Embroidery

Leather & Wool Satchel with Bird Skull Embroidery


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This smaller satchel for cross-body (or as belt) wear is made from very supple black "deer tanned" cowhide leather, which is very supple, yet tough, and is partially lined with swampy green patent lambskin that is also very supple (slick from the patent, but soft on the underside, as will be felt in the inner pocket.

But what makes this bag unique is that the flap has an approximately 5x5" inset of grey & black herringbone tweed wool with machine embroidered design of a bird skull framed with a garland. The skull is very light grey with darker shading, and it and the emerald green for the garland all have a sheen, so they glisten a bit as the light angle changes, and adds visual as well as textural contrast against the wool and leather.

The wool inset is padded and edge stitched to "frame" it all in, and the flap is lined with soft tempered (flexible, not stiff) patent green leather, which extends the entire back, and is slit to provide an interior pocket on the back wall. The ends of the slit are rounded, so the leather won't tear during normal use as it could if left as a slit only.

Both the black leather and lining are continuous pieces, though the gusset is seamed and has a "patch" of the green patent leather on the bottom for accent and additional strength & wear resistance for when the bag is set down (pending contents, it can stand up, rather than always flop onto its back).

The flap can be kept closed with an antique nickel corset hook with a loop that fits onto the stud and then the arms swings into place on the stud, so that the closure cannot come loose unintentionally. This is held in place with black metal rivets.

The bag is approximately 8" high (when full), 6" wide, and 2" deep. The strap is 3/4" wide and adjusts from 46" to 73" long from the bar (which is another 1" to the top of the bag). The holes are set 1" apart for adjustment with the simple antique silver effect buckle. There is a self leather keeper, but any significant excess can be cut off--this leather is soft & thin enough that special tools are not needed. (OR if you know what length you want, I can trim the strap for you!).

This satchel uses my own design of a laser cut wood bar that the strap attaches too, and it fits securely into a large loop for cross-body wear, but the entire strap and bar can be removed so the bag can easily be worn on a belt up to 3" wide through the loop. I've stained this wood bar so it blends with the black leather.

As with nearly all my work, I can make a custom version for the size or color that suits your taste!