Green & Grey Leather satchel with Leather Lace Overlay

Green & Grey Leather satchel with Leather Lace Overlay


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This smaller satchel is meant for cross-body wear, and is made from a firmer temper green & softer grey cowhides, and the flap has an over lay of a lace-like commercially laser cut & etched lambskin. This is beige, and darker where etched, for dimensional and color variation.

The bag is approximately 8" high, 6" wide, and has a 2" gusset (grey leather). The grey strap is 3/4" wide and can be adjusted from 44 to 68", with holes spaced 1" apart for adjustment with the decorative antiques silver finish buckle. Antique graphite finish rivets accent the strap attachment points to the gusset.

Graphite & nickel rivets fix the antique nickel finish corset lock to the bag body and flap. I use the style of clasp with a loop, so that the clasp cannot swing off its stud unintentionally letting the bag come open. The rivets are smooth and flat inside the bag, and cannot scratch, or catch on any contents.

The flap is lined with a soft off-white cowhide suede, and the inside of the bag is the soft sueded underside of the green and grey leathers.

As with nearly all my work, I can make a custom version for the size or color that suits your taste, apart from this lambskin, which I only have a small amount of in only this color.