Chelan County Creel Leather Satchel

Chelan County Creel Leather Satchel


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This leather satchel, or messenger bag, was inspired by a vintage canvas creel my father used on his treks amongst the beauty of Chelan County, Washington.

The shape, as well as a silver nickel salmon concho, are visual ties to the inspiration piece.

The bag and strap are made from "Sunrise Wigwam" chromium tanned US steer hide. This leather is firm enough to hold shape, but is supple and not stiff at all, and the finish is almost "waxy", great for water resistance and bit of reflection. The underside is soft split suede feel.

The front is sewn over the gusset wrong side to right side, helping the bag keep a fuller shape vs. the gusset to back is wrong side to wrong side for a flatter finish.

A large pocket is sewn onto the back, about 8.5" wide and 5" deep. One photo shows a pen in the center of the pocket for scale.

The bag overall is 10" wide, about 8.5" high, and gusset is 3" at the bottom, and tapers slightly at the top.

The bag interior is clean, but includes a loop riveted to the top of the side from which a wristlet can be looped which has a small antique brass swivel snap for keeping keys within easy reach inside the bag, or the strap can be removed & taken with you.

The flap secures with antique brass "corset lock", which is riveted onto the leather tabs with rosette cut brass rivets, and those tabs are then stitched onto the bag and flap.

The strap is kept simple, and a slider and loop allow adjustment for 46" to 66" length, to accommodate most for cross-body wear.

The construction is simple & clean, and contrast stitching accents the form. This bag is the first that carries my "o:WILBUR" embossed logo--which the name is an homage to my father, raised in Wilbur, WA.