Real fur and catnip cat toy

Real fur and catnip cat toy


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This catnip toy is made with real coyote fur with a 100% cotton case filled with about 3/4 oz. high potency organic catnip securely stitched within the fur form. The puff of fur is about 5" across and 3" high. About 2" diameter of cotton is exposed.

The fur was acquired as scrap ear muff forms from a reputable furrier. The toy shown has a case made with brown fine wale corduroy with mice, birds & flowers printed in a lighter brown.

I provide about 1/2 oz. of loose nip along with the toy. The toy itself is not designed as refillable, but some cats enjoy eating or rolling in loose nip, and sprinkling over the fur may further their enjoyment of the toy!

The cat nip I use is organically grown in Washington state, and remains potent for years of enjoyment. Just freshen the nip by shaking/shifting the case gently.

The clear mini-paint can keeps the nip fresh and potent for your beastie & safe from unwanted attention until you open the can, as well as provides a nice gift presentation.

The phone is shown for reference only (and that's my business card is printed onto my phone case).